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we will have full coverage throughout this evening. obviously throughout the weekend. it will be back saturday night, sunday night, 9:00 p.m. eastern as well. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." stay with cnn. for the international viewers, world report is next. for the u.s. viewers, "john king, usa" starts now. >> good evening. we are live from capitol hill on a busy day of breaking news in the debt ceiling. for the republican house, well, the third time was the charm. the votes wednesday and thursday were post boned and moemtments , the gavel passed. >> the yeahs, 218, the theys, 210. the bill has passed. the motion to reconsider is laid pun the table. >> the boehner bill got 218
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motes. 22 republicans voted against it and all of the democrats. just before the vote, speaker boehner blamed president obama at the talks aimed at a bipartisan deal. >> i stuck my neck out a mile and i put revenues on the table. in order to try to come to an agreement to avert us being where we are. but a lot of people in this town can never say yes. a lot of people can never say yes. this house has acted and it is time for the administration and time for our colleagues across the aisle, put something on the table. tell us where you are. >> here is the thing. the conservatives resulted in a bill that has no pass of passing
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and no chance of a cigsignature from a democratic president. >> it holds our economy captive to washington politics once again. in other words, it does not solve the problem and has no chance of becoming a law. >> here is why he rejects it. it would force spending cults immediately. but to get increase in the debt ceiling, the house and the senate would have to pass and send to the states a constitutional amendment every year. but it's a nonstarter for the president and most senate democrats. >> speaker boehner should just give it up. he throws piece after piece after piece of red meat. and it's time that he tamed the
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lion for the good of the country. >> like the gop plan of not, the bill is sent to the senate. the major democrats promise to defeat the house proposal and the senate expected to move to harry reid's proposal to raise the debt ceiling by $2.3 trillion. and aims to enact 2.8 trillion. but the democrats don't trust the math. and fifth grade civics lesson here. harry reid can't get the vote. and which raises the question, at one part will they give way to serious considerationso? the administration says they need the credit line. with no end game in clear sight, financial marktss more than
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nervous. wall street in its worst week in a year. the dow, down 4.2% for the week meaning your 401(k) took a hit. we are waiting for harry reid to say, what next. >> i will be honest with you, john. it doesn't seem like there is a clear path to what is next. senate major leader harry reid has an array of options before him. what we know with pretty much serenity because we have been hearing it from the senate majority leader himself, the bill that just passed the house is dead on arrival. the democrats have support and it will not be going any way. the question, what is next? he has optioned and they did not appear to know what direction they will take. here is why.
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the real negotiations need to begin now and quickly. they have not been negotiating because it would be really unseemly for the republican leader of the senate to be negotiating with harry reid to try to reach some compromise to an end game. and his partner in the house of representatives was pushing forth with his plan. and now that that step has passed, it is moving to the senate and all tieyes will find out where they are going to go and we are listening to harry reid on where he plans to go. one option, as you mentioned, he would in a complex legislative way do a motion to table, part of this bill. would set it it a side. wouldn't kill it but set it aside and that would give democrats in the senate an opportunity to vote, to show this bill, the boehner bill,
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does not have the votes to pass in the senate. a move to allow them to have a say. t the negotiations have to continue. >> kate bolduan, we will bring you his plan next. and how did the speaker win the votes for the house passage? and are conservatives ready to strike a deal for tuesday? jeff flake voted yes today. south carolina's tim scott, one of the house republican freshman class, voted no on the plan. let me ask you, yesterday, you voted new. part of the second installment. is that what won over? >> i was no and when it include the balanced bunt, that was it for me. cuts and balance. i don't agrudge those who voted
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against it. but i felt it deserved a yes vote. >> why was was it not good enough for you. >> at the end of the day for me, it was moving the balanced buget amendment to the first tier of the debt ceiling increase. >> i understand and respect your position on that. you know in that building there, you don't have the votes to get it through the senate. even if you could, the president of the united states said he doesn't want it. what the democrats are trying to say f you drop that, we would probably get a deal. but you won't drop it because -- listen to chris von hallen. >> in the last 24 hours, we confirmed what many people suspected. what the tea party republicans may be be noisy and effective protest movement but they are
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unfit to govern. they are unfit to govern. >> they saying because of tea party can cause a protest but you are unfit to govern. how do you prove him wrong? >> the president has done that for us. there is no leadership in the government from the white house whatsoever. there is no budget in the senate in over 800 days. the only leadership has come from the republican conference. speaker boehner has given them two opportunities. and tonight, we are sending another opportunity over to the senate to join the leadership team in congress. >> you have been here for -- this is your sixth term. you are new to washington but served back home. you understand, one chamber, two chamber and you have to figure out a deal. let's assume in fact the end, leader reid can't get enough votes. what if we have this? $2.5 trillion or so, increase in
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the debt skreeling, equal cuts in the congress. no tax increases in there. you get to vote on a balance budget but it's in the deal. and no savings from iraq and afghanistan. there is a trigger to force addition@cuts. you would get mandatory mechanism for the standing. is that good enough for a final deal? >> i would say that is a vote in the right direction. >> would you vote for -- >> would seeing senator reid's plan, it contains $1 trillion in cuts because he assumes the ending of the war. i'm not sure. for me, i would like to see more. >> how about if we make the reid plan, so it's their plan. give the president the debt
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increase through the election as he wants and attach the balanced budget. put him in a position where their only objection is a balanced budget amendment where most have voiced support for. and many in the house, have voted for as well. the clean budget house. >> both jend themen, stand by. harry reid has come to the floor. we will go back to the floor of the senate. let's keep the conversation here. in divided government, there has ta be some give. is it your position if there is no balanced budget amendment, would your vote be no? >> that is very difficult to get my vote. just like the president said, it's difficult to get his
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support unless it takes it to the election. and we will see it to the reid bill. i would do that. but atash the balanced budget amendment. there is plenty to compromise. >> no balanced budget, no vote frr tim scott. >> it's the balanced budget amendment. i need that first. >> you need that first. if speaker boehner, if there is a plan like that and it doesn't have the balance budget, should he refuse to bring it or the floor and bring it to the floor and it passes with the moderate republica republicans or no, it's so important i'm not going to bring it to the floor. >> when people say they will not vote for something. i was here for the t.a.r.p. and what people voted for and they never said they would when
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the stock market dropped 700 points. they haven't been put in the position yet. >> has your speaker been minimized by the fact that he had to delay the vote -- i need to stop. the majority leader of the senate on the floor right now. >> there is sufficient second? >> there appears to be. >> there appears to be. the clerk will call the roll? there barrasso. in pl baucus -- >> another roll call. we will go there as soon as we can. come back to that closing question. the how vote was delayed. planned for last night. the speaker said, zipdy do da and approaching midnight, had to pull it from the floor. that is embarrassing when you are the speaker of the house of
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representatives and do you believe, is there a weakness in the leadership team? did the whip not count the votes white? what happened? >> i in the speaker's finest hour has been in the last 24 hours. our speaker has shown strong leadership. he is willing to listen to the conference, making what is difficult come together and come together in time for the senate to act. i think speaker boehner is stronger than he has been. >> i have been around for a lot of negotiations like this. and the tools that the speakers have had in the past to hand out pork and earmarks this would have cost billions in the past. the speaker did haven't that ability and still, he was able to do it. we have more respect for the speaker than before. >> we are going to take a break. we waiting for harry reid to
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live pictures the in the senate mt. passes a plan in a deal to cut the spending. we know it's unacceptable to the senate democrats. let's bring in the chairman, the former democratic presidential nominee, john kerry. the house plan is coming over. speaker boehner says, here is a plan. pass it, send it to the president and we're done. >> well, the speaker knows that is not the way it's going to work. the house knows it's not the way it's going to work. because his plan is fundamentally flawed. he was put on notice yesterday with a letter with 53 senators signing it saying, we are not signing it. but they took a whole day, to make a political posturing position. now, the reason it's noft going to pass is because it's not in the interest of the country.
4:18 pm
it has a short term debt ceiling. and that could result in a downgrading of our credit and it doesn't provide the serenity to the marketplace that republicans have been saying we need to give the marketplace. for that and other reasons, it requires the passage of a constitutional amendment. it's not going to pass. and we will be in a forced grid lock. >> let me stop on that. reid's plan would raise the debt ceiling through the presidential election mvb and jeff flake just standing here, six-term republican said that he would take the reid plan if you add the balanced budget -- >> well, i think -- >> why is it a bad thing to pass a balanced budget --
4:19 pm
>> well, in the 1990s, i was here when we passed a balance the budget. >> it was done with a divided government -- and i want to show a graphic to the viewers. i understand your position. and people watching at home -- 75% of the people want to have a balanced budget. >> let's have a vote on it. you can't guarantee the passage of something ahead of time. i think harry reid and us are happy to have a vote. that is the constitutional process. i think people would accept that. but there is a bigger problem here. speaker boehner's amendment prohibits -- doesn't contemplate the solution. he knows, everybody knows, you
4:20 pm
cannot balance the budget, john, without a -- >> we may have tonight one out. >> not necessarily. >> do you have any evidence they will accept a plan that has revenue? >> i think it depends. closing loopholes and that would not result in revenue -- >> can do you that by monday night? >> no, but what you can do is set up a structure, what we want to do. so going forward in the next few months, we force a guaranteed vote process that we are dealing with america's problem over the next if you months. i believe if we have a joint committee and have an ability to bring up a gang of six eveffort and have a way to force that vote, i think we would have a process where the americans say,
4:21 pm
these guys will be forced to deal with it. and no matter what happens, it will be a center piece to the election. >> you made your case, washington, more than year, actually taking in more than it was spending. and to the person out there saying, you were part of that. but you have been here in later days of the clinton administration, and added to the debt. 6.1 trillion added in the bush administration. and then a democratic congress came. and the obama administration, now you have divided g., 2.4 trillion added. yes, you did that. that was 11 years ago. are you part of the problem since? >> i will answer. i don't believe so. i think the democrats have offered and the president has offered -- i keep hearing the republicans saying, where is your plan? the president put a plan on the
4:22 pm
table with speaker baoehner and said, i'm willing to do 4.7 trillion 234 reductions and i'm willing to put medicare, social security and medicaid on the table. now, many people on our side didn't like that. but we swallowed and said, okay, you have to compromise. john, show me their compromise. there is no compromise on their side. no president could have negotiated with people who say we are not going to negotiate. it is our way. and i will just finish the thought. right now, we just spent a day where speaker boehner is negotiates with republicans. is a civil war in the republican party. this is not democrats. and harry reid has a caucus waiting to find the compromise with the republicans. and the republican party is
4:23 pm
hostage with a narrow group in the house that doesn't negotiate. what we need are people of common sense, good will who will put the country ahead of party. who will come to the party and negotiate for the good of the country. what is what americans want to see us do. and that is what we have done. we don't have any revenues in the proposal that harry reid put forward. that is a concession. where is their concession? >> given the situation, does senator john kerry think that monday night, giving the deep divide we will have an agreement to get to the president's desk before the deadline? >> i believe that people of goodwill are going to come together. i believe that common sense are going to prevail. the consequences of a default are beyond disastrous.
4:24 pm
ireland, greece, they are watching what we are doing. their relationship to the imf, to our treasury to our paper. businesses all over the world. this is vital for us. i am confident that we will come together. we will come up with a way to work this process over the next months. force the congress to deal with what is a national crisicrisis. we have to reduce the debt. we have to reduce the deficit. everything has to be on the table. have to see the house put everything on the table. the simpson boles commission did it. >> appreciate your time. when we come back, we are wait fog see the debate begin on the senate major. and we have the senator from south dakota when we continue in a moment. it all happened so fast. it was clearly too late for me to do anything
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live pictures of the floor of the united states senate. we are waiting just an hour or so after the house passed its plan. the president says he doesn't like it. the senate action about to begin. we are waiting for harry reid to lay out where he will take the debate next. and a n a moment, john thune of south dakota. let's go to the white house where the president is reacting.
4:29 pm
jessica yellin is standing by. >> reporter: the president has not himself put out a statement. but john carney said the house vote, if passed, forces us into another crisis. they say that it's dead on arriv arrival. that is a quote. and it pushes forward to senator reid's bill and the it calls on the democrats in the senate to find common ground. they want it to head to the senate where it's headed and they want it to happen as quickly as possible. is there enough time to get it done in the remaining hours? there is no plan. the officials have made it clear, if it is productive, it can happen. it's no so close.
4:30 pm
>> jessica yellin, a good question. would it be productive. john thune, if you are an average american watching the home, why does the house have to plant the flag knowing the democratic senate will not pass it and the democratic senate majority will not say yes. when can people sit around the table and figure it out? >> if you go back to last weekend, they were very close. they had a frame work in place. leader reid and speaker boehner had come to an agreement and the white house turned thumbs down on that. and they came back to the drawing board and boehner to the house. and reid in the senate. and the votes are going to happen. both sides need to have their votes. we are going to vote when the paper work comes over from the house. it will go down and it will
4:31 pm
trigger a negotiation that will yield a result. >> we know what is going to happen. why do we have to go through a ritual? >> there are a lot of people that want to demonstrate they can govern and they want to stand up for their principles. and submitting it to the senate for a vote is an important part of the process. >> i get angry tweets from the democrats when i say this. but i don't think anyone should be surprised. and they won pretty big. the question is, where l they compromise going forward. i had two republicans saying they don't want to vote for anything in the end that doesn't want to have a pass the balanced budget. to get the debt ceiling, you have to pass a balanced budget.
4:32 pm
this is too important of an issue. >> they want to vote on an amendment. and we need to have that and give them an opportunity to vote on a balanced budget amendment. and the reid cut does not -- there is more of a commitment to spending in the near term and a path way to get a retitlement with triggers to force action to get addition@savings. those are two things that have to be in there. and it's going to be fortunate get republican spoort. >> one of the political arguments and the arguments for anyone at home f you get a deal in the end there is talk that the ratings agencies will
4:33 pm
downgrade the credit rating because it's to messy. i want you to listen to the president. if you have a conservative, you don't want taxes as part of the deal. if the credit rating gets downgraded, americans are going to pay. >> make no mistake, those who say they oppose tax increases on anyone, a lower credit waiting would inkreegs rates on mayor mortgages, car loans, the credit cards. and that is inexcusable. >> the president making that case there. make the politics out of it, if that were to happen. they would help everyone at home. you are confident we will figure it out? democrats seem dug in firm. monday night, looking at the brink of default. >> well, we have to. we don't have an option here. we need to get it resolved before tuesday, obviously.
4:34 pm
but i don't think raises taxes needs to be a part of the equati equation. but i think that we can work on something that doesn't have tax increases that has spending cuts, and a vote on a balance the budget amendment and we ought to be able to get that together. we are not that far apart. last week, there was a frame work in place but it can be put back together. >> what do you describe what is going on in the republican party? the tea party guys are at war with the establishment guys? you do have a generation divide. you see guys that have not served in washington long. how do you describe what is going on now in the party with the fresher faces? maybe they are tea party guys.
4:35 pm
>> i think it's healthy. i really do. >> but it's real. >> it's tough. it's hard now to get things enacted here. like you said, you had 87 people who ran on principled platforms on doing things. and in the end that is going to be a good thing for the party. it's going to force us to adhere to our principles. and when it comes to legislating, it makes it complicated. >> thank you. appreciate your time. we are going to keep on the debate. it matters to you at home. live to the senate floor when we come back.
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live pictures here of the united states senate. they are getting ready to act on the boehner bill. about the debt and the debt ceiling, two more than the needed to pass it. and 22 republicans voted against its. all of the democrats voted against it. the bill would give the president authority to raise the debt creting. and he would have to come back in months to ask for another rise. harry reid about to outlines had plan for moving this debate
4:40 pm
forward. one of the things that he wants to do is defeat the plan. let's discuss what has happened and where we are going. eric ericson with the conservative red state doum. gloria borger. because of that experience, david, i want to go to you first. the american people are watching something that is messy. if you are a conservative republican, you probably like much of what happened. if you are a democratic, you are waiting. and if you are in the middle, you are saying, why all the posturing first? >> well, i think the house beginning to unlock the stalemate that was there and allows the senate to act and the boehner bill will go down and the reid bill will fail. i think the making of a compromise are clearly there. can they find a compromise that
4:41 pm
will actually pass the house? they have one that the democrats like in the senate, pelosi can wound up a lot of democrats. and speaker boehner, will the compromise satisfy the republicans? it's not clear, given how far they push it to the right. it's not clear if they can do it. >> and gloria borger, any vote you come to the floor, twuyou w to keep a majority of your guys. and it does not guarantee passage of the balanced budget amendment before you increase the debt limit. and that is what the democrats don't like. if they don't get a vote and it doesn't mass, if k he keep the majorities? >> i think he is going to lose
4:42 pm
the freshman. he is going to lose a lot of the freshmen because they were pu pushing for the guaranteed passage of the amendment. i don't think that a vote will satisfy them. but in the end, will nancy pelosi will able to deliver voights. he is going to lose about a third of the members. but he allowed the members to vote on something and they can go home and say, i really want fod tie it to the passage of the balanced budget amendment. this is really now up to nancy pelosi to see if she can dlif her democrats and if he can deliver a third of his caucus or so. >> you heard tim scott here earlier. and jeff flank. they want passing the balanced
4:43 pm
budget to be in the compromise. if they get guaranteed votes on it. should speaker boehner bring a vote to the floor that does not incollide a balanced budget? >> i think it would. the funny thing, i talked to a number of people and a lot of them say, we would give the president a clean increase in the debt ceiling if they would just send sjr-10 out to the states. i states don't have to guarantee a pass. we will fight them there. we give them an increase. >> an increase. i want to sku a question. the speaker won today but he is scheduled to vote wednesday and had to postpone it. he scheduled a vote yesterday and he showed up, mickicing a disney song. >> it's a zipdy do da day. and then he walked in the
4:44 pm
leapership team. and said, this is yesterday, the house was going to pass his plan on the debt ceiling. >> today, the house was going to vote on a bill that meets that test. it's been from the budget office. there are no gimmicks there are no smoke screens. >> he had to pull it from the floor when he realized he did not have the votes to pass it. and still, the speaker showed up this morning and in good spirits. >> got a deal? >> i'm smiling. >> politics is messy, david, and this is a new republican majority. a lot of politicians that are not long time politicians. has the speaker been under mined? does he take a dent here? >> he has had near death
4:45 pm
experience, john. and he came very, very close to being destroyed as speaker. i think he did squeak it through. i must say, i found him a sympathetic figure tonight as he spoke. the man in the middle. he did want to cut a deal. he was the person who was willing to meet the democrats part way. say, i'm willing to find $800 million in new revenue in tax as part of the deal, the bargain. and he feels he has had his legs cut off by the white house. and john boehner was ready to do it. and his legs cut off on one side and a rebellion on the right. and he got caught. he said, he put his neck out there. he risked a lot. but i think he survived. >> john this is where it hems to be one of a dozen children.
4:46 pm
he is an immensely patient man. i give him a lot of credit. he is dealing with the white house, it's like dealing with jell-o. but he is dealing with republicans that won't take yes for an answer. >> stay with us. when we come back, the house passed a plan, the white house say it's unacceptable. so do senate democrats. we are waiting for harry reid to address his plan. special coverage live from capitol hill in a moment.
4:47 pm
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live pictures of the yattle senate. in session late on friday night. a dramatic night of breaking news news. the senate will to outline raising the ability to raise the debt ceiling. let's compare the two plans for you at home. the house passed with a two-vote mar march begin. it would raise the debt ceiling by 2$2.5 trillion it would do i significantly in two installments. $900 billion up front and the president could ask for a second down the road when the
4:51 pm
government needed more money. cuts of $970 billion right away a deficit committee would come up with additional cuts. but the republican plan to get the second installment would require both chambers of congress to pass and send to the states a constitutional amendment. that's the republican plan. that balanced budget amendment is the big sticking point. harry reid wants to vote down the house republican plan and has a plan of his own. one increase in the debt ceiling would allow the president to borrow another $2.4 trillion. it would have about $2.2 trillion in cuts to offset the new borrowing. some from save negotiation afghanistan and iraq. the republican doesn't trust the math and a committee that would have to be formed for additional deficit reduction steps. that is where we stand. the house republicans have their plan, the democrats do have theirs? can they work out a compromise
4:52 pm
by monday night, august 2nd, at midnight. the government would have less money coming in than it needs to pay out in bills. eric ericson, as a conservative, what is the line? do you want any deal? don't go to the point where we might have a default? or is it a balanced budget amendment, size of the spending cuts? what is the red line for conservatives in a compromise negotiation, what should it be? >> you know, i tend to agree with jeff lake, send s.j. 10, the balanced budget amendment, send it out to the states and democrats can have what they want if they send it out to the states. i hear a lot of conservatives saying that. and a real desperation among conservatives, they can fight and win that at the states and democrats are scared to do it. they can get a lot. i have a question for you and gloria and david. i can't remember going back to 1981 '82, the last time we have
4:53 pm
a divided congress. any time the senate or house has so rapidly killed the other house's piece of legislation. we may be about to see history. >> gloria, if you want to come in on this. >> have you a hammer right on your head, so this is kind of unprecedented in so many ways. even worse than a government shutdown, right? the debt ceiling is certainly more catastrophic, if you don't raise it. >> and, david, this is not necessarily -- i want to ask a question. it's not necessarily apples and apples, we're asking eric's version of the balanced budget amendment would require a supermajority to raise taxes. a basic threshold question, if our poll, 74% of americans favor a balanced budget amendment. why don't the democrats pass it, let it go to the states and hope the legislatures kill it if they don't like it? >> the democrats feel very
4:54 pm
strongly it puts the united states government in a straitjacket and will forever and we really can't move adeptly. it might have been very hard to deal with the last financial recession. i'll guarantee you this. there is no way that the president nor the democrats are going to accept making an extension of the debt ceiling dependent upon the congress actually passing the balanced budget amendment. they might well put it to a vote, allow it to come to a vote. but they won't allow that the real question, gloria has been making the point all week. how do they come up with an enforcement mechanism, which allows assurance that there will be reduction in the deficit in the second round, but not tied to the debt ceiling. >> the president said he would accept spending caps and some trigger if promised savings don't materialize. everybody stand by. one more quick break. when we come back, david, gloria, eric, still with us, and kate bolduan.
4:55 pm
a bit of a delay on capitol hill, despite that, urgency to get this done by august 2nd, coming up early next week. special coverage live from capitol hill continues, after this. it moves effortlessly, breathes easily. it flows with clean water. it makes its skyline greener and its population healthier. all to become the kind of city people want to live and work in. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers.
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live to the floor of the united states senate. the majority leader and republican leader talking about how to go forward, hours after the house passed deficit reduction debt ceiling plan. let's listen. >> that's a supermajority. that's not the way it should be. we're happy to have a vote any time, but it should be a majority vote, just like the house had. house had a majority vote today and an overwhelming extra vote of none. so we'd be happy to have a simple majority vote on our -- the democratic proposal we're putting forward. >> is that a -- a consent? >> that's a consent that we will be happy to have a vote if it's simple majority. >> mr. president, reserving the
4:59 pm
right to reject, let me just say this is almost an out-of-body experience to have someone suggest we have a 50-vote threshold on a matter of this magnitude in the united states senate. i'm perplexed, mr. president, that my friend doesn't want to vote on his proposal as soon as possible. i object. >> mr. president, please, have order. >> the senate will be in order. the republican leader. >> i object. >> mr. president. so it's obvious to the world, the united states senate, that there is now another filibuster. that's what this is. it's a filibuster to stop us from moving forward on legislation this is a filibuster in any name that you want. it's a filibuster. so i'm disappointed. i'm disappointed and i ask now -- we've had the -- we've asked for a roll call vote on the tabling motion and i ask we mo

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